The T-Shirt – A Trendy Fashion Statement

T-Shirts are considered a man’s fashion. Men love its simplicity and the ability of wearing the t-shirt with almost anything else. This does show that t-shirts or “tees” are fashionable clothing. They can make a simple fashion statement that is rich in personal touches.

Tees come in various sizes, colors, designs, and styles that a man can pick a shirt throw it on with any random outfit he feels suits him and he still manage to stand out from the crowd. This also applies to women. Yes, female t-shirts are also a trendy fashion. In fact, they are rich in style making them quite the chic apparels that go well with denims, short skirts, among other female clothes.

Those who loathe t-shirts view them to be just plain clothes that lack something to make them fashionable wear. Yet one can still rock that plain white or plain black shirt and stand out from the crowd. It only takes a creative eye and a knowledge on what it takes to make a fashion statement. Nevertheless, anyone can make a statement in his or her choice of clothing just as long as they know who to mix and match the various outfits they have in their wardrobe.

While that may be so, it is nice to paint a picture of the common types of men’s Christian t-shirt out there. Each type does have is unique addition to fashion. If you opt to make a t-shirt part of your focal fashion style then by all means make it so; know what works best with your body form, and other outfits and you will surely have a personal fashion statement.

Whichever your outfit choice, picking t-shirts that complement your body form and make a statement is based on the following categories of tees, which are based on their designs

Crew Neck Tees
The most common of t-shirt designs are have crew neck also called rounded neck. These t-shirts are very common among men though female tees have also picked on the same neck design. They bring in the simple fashion statement that is suitable for those on an experimental mission. The tees tend to offer a safe choice in design and style. They will not make a mess of things even for the first-time wearers of these type of t-shirts.

V-Neck Tees
The V-necked t-shirts come in to bring some versatility in the t-shirt fashion. Just as the name suggests, these tees have a neckline that have an angled base that takes the shape of a “V” just at the top of the chest. Men exude a flare in fashion when clad in suits and these t-shirts are the perfect choice when one wants to tone down the statements made when in a suit. But then again, it might just be the opposite. Women have V-necked tees that also take on the same design but paying more attention to the female form. Trending V-neck t-shirts have a lower positioned angle and these applies to both the male and female tees. These are suited for the bolder type of people that know they can make such tees work.

The two might be the most common types of tees, but today’s fashion houses and brands are creative making t-shirts that have different types of neckline designs. That is not just it; the tees also come in amazing finishes and styles topped up with elaborate and at times highly intuitive graphic designs. They can have bold motifs, logo, phrases, cuts, animations, you name it and it is possible to find it on a t-shirt thanks to the art of t-shirt printing. It suffices to say that t-shirts should be a staple part of our wardrobes especially the men, this is not to say that women cannot do more of tees.